Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why "All the Doodles and Scribbles"? And a Grand Relaunching!

For weeks now, I have been toying around with re-launching my blog. One thing stopping me was always that perfect name. I needed something that I wouldn’t want to change in a week or two. And I wanted something that represented how kid-oriented my life is these days. I love my babies and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

I also needed code names for the kids. Some people are fine with putting everything about their family and their children on the internet. I wanted my kids to have a bit more privacy than that. So when my mom suggested Doodles and Scribbles for the title (even though I changed it a bit to get my domain name), I knew I had my blog name. And for the code names? Well, I went simple. Little Boy for my son and Little Girl for my daughter. I'm sure there will come a time when I will think up something a bit more . . . creative . . . but for now, I am sleep-deprived and well, that's about it. Just tired.

So what is the blog going to be? Well, I will be sharing my writing journey (including the Camp NaNo win I just got!) on my Author-In-Training page, but book tours and reviews will be here (to be honest, BookTubers and bloggers motivate me the most to write). There may be the occasional recipe or post about my adorable little ones (but that will likely branch off into its own page down the road). So mostly, books. Lots and lots of books.

For now, I am only expecting a post once a week at the most, maybe more if I have really super awesomely big news. I haven’t set a date yet but seeing that today is Sunday, I suppose we could just stick with that. So if you’re interested, come on back next Sunday and see what’s new! Until then, take time to enjoy the little doodles and scribbles in your life…