Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dystopia Challenge 2nd Quarter Update

2nd Quarter Update . . .

Well, I started this challenge late so here is my first update post. How many books have I finished? Zero. Nada. None. Not a single one! For someone who loves dystopians as much as I do, I would call this a severe slump. Not a full-blown reading slump, just a dystopian one. Epic sadness.

Today, almost a month late, I did start reading The Maze Runner (book one in the #DashnerDash marathon as we wait anxiously for The Fever Code's release in September!) and I am still listening to Cinder on Audible (does that count as dystopian or would it fall into a different genre better? I'm not quite sure). I just haven't finished any yet. Of course, I plan to finish the Maze Runner this weekend in time to start the Scorch Trials with the rest of the #dashers on Monday!

And of course, my list of dystopians I want to read this year is growing by the day! So, also, are the review tours and other non-dystopians that I keep signing up to read/review. Self-control. I must learn self-control.

Maybe tomorrow.