Friday, June 3, 2016

Feature & Follow #1 - Most Interesting Bookish Experience

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The Prompt: What is your most interesting bookish experience?

My #FF Answer: I don't have a lot of "bookish" experiences that stand out in my mind except for once, when I was in fifth or sixth grade (it was before I started writing so no older than that). I had borrowed a book from the school library and it was due back the next day. So, not knowing that you could renew a book, I stayed up into the early hours of the morning (this is back when bedtime on a school night was 8pm or some crazy early time like that). I finished the book, turning my flashlight off every time I heard someone in the house stir. Of course, after that, if I hadn't finished a book by the time it was due back, I either returned it unfinished to borrow at a later date or I renewed it. What a wonder the library system is! And what silly logic children have!

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Next week's Prompt: Your ALL TIME favorite book! (This one is going to require some serious thought!) 

Have a happy bookish weekend!