Thursday, June 9, 2016

Feature & Follow #2 - All Time Favorite Book!

So it's time for the Feature & Follow again and guess who this week's feature is? ME!!! Thank you so much! I am beyond excited about this, especially since I am so new back to the Feature & Follow. So, I suppose I should probably answer this week's question . . .

The Prompt: What is your ALL TIME favorite book? 

My #FF Answer: I could not answer this one lightly. I mean, after all, it is the ALL TIME favorite book. I also came up with a tie (after pouring through all of my Kindle books and physical books, looking for an answer to the question). My TWO favorite books are . . . 

 "Feudlings" by Wendy Knight (see my review here)
"Angel Eyes" by Shannon Dittemore (see my review here)

Maybe it's the covers (aren't they gorgeous!), maybe it's the amazing supernatural plots. Maybe it's the strong female leads that I just absolutely love. I don't really know. All I know is that these are two books (and two series) that I could read over and over! Feudlings is book 1 in the Fate on Fire series and Angel Eyes is book 1 in the Angel Eyes trilogy

Next Week's Prompt: 5 websites you love to lurk around that are not shopping sites? 

Again, thank you for the Feature Honor and I would love to hear what your favorite books are :)

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