Thursday, June 16, 2016

Feature & Follow #3 - 5 Websites You Love to Lurk Around

Happy Friday, everyone! I have to say, I really enjoy Fridays because I love to read all the amazing answers people come up with to these questions. And yes, because it's the end of the work week, too. But, that goes without saying! So let's dive in!

The Prompt: 5 websites you love to lurk around that are not shopping sites . . .

My #FF Answer: Oh, this is a hard one because lately, I've been spending so much of my time on Amazon (I know, that's not really a good thing lol). But, where else do I visit? Hmmm . . .

  1. Food Network - Oh yes, I am a foodie as well as a book nerd.
  2. Pinterest - it's where I find so many of my recipes, kid activities, household hacks. Everything!
  3. ARCycling - I just recently re-found this site. I never got a chance to participate a few years ago when I was blogging and book reviewing so I am hoping it's still active and I can participate now :) Nothing like sharing ARCs and receiving new ones you haven't read yet!
  4. Twitter - I don't know if I should be ashamed that Twitter is taking up so much of my time lately or not? 
  5. Camp NaNoWriMo - yes, I am a Camper! And starting in July (again!), I will be working on a co-authoring project with my husband. An exciting sci-fi novel :)
Well, those are my answers :)

This week's Feature Blog: 

Next week's Prompt: Name one or more standalone books that you wish were a series! 

Oh, this is going to be hard! See you all back here next Friday! Now, go on out and do some following :)