Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kids Book Review #3 - Starter Bible

Starter Bible
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Publish Date: June 14, 2016

How Many Stars? 5
Format Read: board book

Little Boy and I received a free copy of this from Thomas Nelson and BookLook Bloggers in exchange for our honest review :)

My Scribbles: First of all, I think I need to start reading descriptions a little closer. I had no idea this was a board book so when it showed up at our house on Thursday and my husband pulled it out of the box (thinking it was his package . . . oops!), I was excited to see that it's a board book. Little Boy is still a little destructive when it comes to books (which makes me a little nervous about leaving all of mine out on my brand new bookshelf). 

It has some of the key stories in the Bible (Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, David and Goliath, and of course, Jesus!) with bright, colorful pictures that make kids want to read it. It makes the stories simple, not complicating it so far they can't understand. And the little handle on the spine makes it perfect to be carried around by little hands and fingers (which is exactly what Little Boy did). 

We really enjoyed this Bible and look forward to sharing it with Little Girl when she gets a bit older. Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for this wonderful addition to our library! 

I got mine in exchange for a review, but you can pick up your own copy of the Starter Bible on the Thomas Nelson website or even on Amazon!