Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kids Book Review #4 "The Berenstain Bears School Time Blessings" by Mike Berenstain

Another kids book came for us in the mail, this one from Harper Collins Publishers and BookLook Bloggers! Thank you so much :) Our review (mine and Little Boy's) was in no way influenced by receiving this free from the publishers. And sorry, but I can't wait until Thursday (our normal kid's book review day) to share this one so you're getting an extra review on Sunday! Ready to see it?

The Berenestain Bears School Time Blessings
by Mike Berenstain
Published by Zonderkids
Publish Date: June 21, 2016

How Many Stars? 5
Format Read: Paperback

My Scribbles: Maybe I have a soft spot for kid's books but this was another home-run hit for me and for Little Boy. I grew up with Berenstain Bears, as told by Stan & Jan. This one is a whole new generation told by their son, Mike Berenstain. And he certainly did not disappoint! The characters are the same, the artwork is the same, the stories are just as captivating. It was so much fun sharing the characters I grew up reading with Little Boy. And he enjoyed them almost as much as I did :) Of course, at two, the attention span is still short so I enjoyed them for a little bit longer than he did! This is one book that we will be pulling back out when he moves past the board books. And that is the only thing that could have made it better - if this book was offered as a board book, as well. 

Do I recommend this one? Of course! Go check it out if you grew up loving the Berenstain Bears, or even if you have never read a single one before! 

Happy Sunday!