Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kids Book Reviews #2 "Tovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside" by Janina Rossiter

Tovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside
(Volume 5)
by Janina Rossiter

How Many Stars? 5
Format Read: Kindle

Synopsis: It's the holiday season. Tovi and his friends are at the seaside. They're enjoying a great day on the beach but then all of a sudden they find themselves surrounded by water. Can they find a way back to shore? Let's find out . . . 

My Scribbles: Little Boy and I read this one together and, although I think he would have liked it a lot more if it had been a physical book, he did enjoy the colors and the penguins. I thought the illustrations were adorable! Tovi and his friends are on the beach and they take a nap (we had to make snoring sounds, of course) and when they wake up, they're surrounded by water! But they're penguins? So they can swim. But everything would get wet. So instead, while they're waiting for the tide to go back out, they go exploring and there are fish and there's even a sign that says the tide comes in. It was just adorable! 

You can find this book on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. There is also an entire series that I plan to purchase because these books are too fun not to read. I'm really excited to see what happens when Tovi goes into space! Happy reading!