Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kids Book Review #1 "Willie Out West" by Rhonda Walker

Willie Out West
by Rhonda Walker

How Many Stars? 4
Format Read: Kindle - free for review

Synopsis: Young Willie Walrus leaves his ice home to travel on an adventure to Big West, where the town's citizens desperately need help. Arriving to cheers, he quickly runs into Old Walter, the One-Eyed Whale. Colorful illustrations and action take readers to an old West town where citizens expect Willie to save them. Can he? 

My Scribbles: I read this book to Little Boy and he sat through most of it. Reading the kindle version, I wished that the pictures had been bigger. They were too small to really catch his attention. And I think a lot of the words went over his head. It was a cute story about a walrus going off to save the day because he's bored at home while everyone else seems to be having adventures. I think, when he's a bit older, we will probably try reading this one again. For now, it's a bit out of our age group but still a cute story for kids! 

I received my copy free for review from Book Look Bloggers but you can get yours on Barnes and Noble. Enjoy! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review #4 "Broken Wings" by Shannon Dittemore

Broken Wings
(Angel Eyes #2)
by Shannon Dittemore

This is a sequel so there may be spoilers in the synopsis or my review. Continue at your own risk...

How Many Stars? 5 stars
Synopsis: Giant angels with metal wings and visible song. A blind demon restored from the pit of darkness. And a girl who has never felt more broken. 

Brielle sees the world as it really is: a place where the Celestial exists side by side with human reality. But in the aftermath of a supernatural showdown, her life begins to crumble. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Book Review #2 "Meet Your Match" by Lindzee Armstrong

Meet Your Match 
(A No Match For Love Novella)
by Lindzee Armstrong

How Many Stars? 5 stars!
Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Brooke Pierce doesn't need her mom to tell her all boys are trouble. After watching her dad break up the family for a woman half his age, dating is the last thing on her mind.

On the first day at a new high school Brooke meets Luke, the school flirt with a reputation for heartbreak. He's interested. She's not. That only makes him chase her more.

After a shocking revelation from her dad, Brooke and Luke form an unexpected bond, complete with crazy rules to keep them safely in the friend zone. Problem is, that's the worst place to be when you're falling in love.

My Scribbles: So, I signed up for a newsletter and ended up with a free book in a series by an author I know but hadn't read anything by yet. So what do I do first? Go through and see which book is first in the series and do I have it or not? Of course, I now have all (except the pre-order). So, with Little Boy drawing a chalk picture on the chalkboard painted bar in our dining room and Little Girl nestled in my arms, finally fast asleep, I open up my Google Play Books app and start reading.

Well, that was mid-morning. By evening, I had finished this book (it's only a 100-some page novella, to be fair). And the verdict? It. Was. Amazing! I got to the last page and just sat there staring at it. I couldn't believe it was over. And oh, did I ever crave more! If I didn't already own every one that's been published so far, I would have been on Amazon within seconds to get the next in the series. It's that addicting (well, and I might have a teensy book buying problem but shush, no one needs to know that!) Now, here I sit, anxiously writing my review so I can continue on with the series and not worry about giving any spoilers away!

If you want to give this series a try for yourself (and I highly recommend it if you love romance novels), check it out on Amazon or Barnes & Noble! And if you're tight on cash (like I usually am after buying books), stop by Lindzee's website and sign up for her newsletter to get this one for free! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the next book in the series, Miss Match (No Match For Love Book 1)!