2016 Dystopia Reading Challenge

So I know it's May (almost June) and I'm a little late to the party but I can't wait until 2017 to join up with a challenge like this. It's Dystopian!! Dystopians and Romance novels tie for my favorite genres. I think Dystopians may even come out just a teensy bit ahead. And what better time to start the challenge than just when we're starting #DashnerDash!

So what is on my TBR for this challenge? I'm not going to plan out too many books (because there are bound to be new dystopians coming out this year and I don't want them to get left out just because I have this massive TBR list).

Of course, we have to start with the Maze Runner series because the next book comes out in September . . .
And I would like to give the entire Divergent series a shot (I got upset with Book 1 - Divergent - and stopped reading) . . .
And, as I have already started the audiobook of the first one, I want to go through the entire Lunar Chronicles series . . .

Those are the books that I for sure want to make it through. Of course, this list isn't final . . .

- Updates -
June 18th - Second Quarter Update & Giveaway
September 17th - Third Quarter Update & Giveaway
December 17th - Fourth Quarter Update & Giveaway

Each month, I will sum up my progress so far, linking to all book reviews that month. I can't wait to get started reading!

- Completed Books -

(as I finish them, this is where you can find the 

"Cinder" by Marissa Meyer
"Rhodi's Light" by Megan Linski
"The Watchers of Eden" by T.C. Edge